Vision to reality: Agreed upon quality, on time and on budget are the holy grails of custom auto body projects. We deliver your quality vision on time and on budget.

If you have ever worked with a craftsman who under bid and came back for more money, or who over sold their ability, or who took in more work than they could deliver on time, you've experienced disappointment and perhaps wasted money. That will not happen when we work together.

Your vision, your metal car body, will be created when we agree on what your vision will look like, and I deliver that vision on time and on budget. It's that simple.

I only shape metal car bodies and air plane parts. Creating a whole metal car body is a dying art in the United States. I run a small, very specialized shop with low overhead.

I love what I do.

Archer Metal Shaping

23980 Arnold Dr. Sonoma, CA 95476
707.939.6968    Norm Archer, owner